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Admin role to Manage Q&A but not appear on screen


We've had some scenarios where it would be very helpful to allow a team member to have alternate host rights to manage Q&A and work screen sharing, but not appear on screen (no window would appear for them) as they are not actively participating as a speaker.  Is there any way to make this happen or does anyone else think this would be helpful?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Khenryrst 


If you are using Webinar, and if your Alternative Host is the only person who you want your Attendees not to see, then you (or rather they) could keep their video off, then choose Hide Non-video Participants, then choose Attendee View: Follow Host's View.


This means they would not be visible to the Attendees - nor would any other non-video Participants. The Panelists would see them as a member though.


Does this suite your use-case?