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Unable to see installed Marketplace apps in Meeting in Debian Zoom Meeting Client


I have installed Zoom Meeting Client v5.7.2 in my Debian 9 System. And I've installed few apps from marketplace in my account(Both already published apps, and one app that I created and installed in my account but not yet published).

Issue 1 - When I start a meeting from my Debian Zoom client,  I do not see Apps menu next to Expressions  menu, but I see this menu if I login from a Zoom client installed on a Windows 10 system,

Issue 2 - Even in Windows system I only see the published apps, and not able to see the ones I've created.

PS - I'm a developer trying to build app for zoom marketplace.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Zoom Apps are not yet available for the Linux version of the desktop client. 


18 months later still no one thought to mention on Zooms marketplace that there is no Linux support. I had to look online for this silly little information, wasting my time for no good reason.

I hate that we, the Linux users, have been "forgoten". There are MANY features missing in Linux application.