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Can alternative hosts also receive Meeting Summaries?


Hello, I am working at my company's IT department and am collecting questions for our users' reference.


If the original creator of the meeting were to assign another individual as an alternative host with AI Companion/Meeting Summary on, will the alternative host receive a meeting summary in addition to the original host?




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @jarcala If the host enables sharing, meeting participants can access the summary through email and Zoom Team Chat. Anyone who receives the meeting summary may save and share it with apps and others. The account owner can access the meeting summary.


So to your case, yes, alternative host should receive meeting summary if required settings are enable and are invited to the meeting properly. More information on Using Meeting Summary with AI Companion


Here are the cases where someone will not received meeting summary: 

  • Unauthenticated users will not receive an email summary, as there was no email address associated with their presence in the meeting.
  • Participants joining the meeting ad hoc (through the in-meeting contact invitation or sharing the join link) will not receive the summary, as they were not on the original invitee list.
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