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AI Companion in Hybrid Meetings


I have a question about using the AI companion in a hybrid meeting situation.

Some participants join remotely, others gather in a conference room that has a large Dell display and an Aver VB342 video sound bar. Some of the conference room participants do not use laptops or other devices.

To prevent audio feedback and echoing, the in-room participants with devices must mute their device microphones and speakers. The sound is then received  and projected via the VB342. I sign-in the monitor display and Video sound bar  with my Zoom One individual Pro account, then reclaim hosting duties on my laptop in the conference room.


When I get the AI generated meeting summary, and meeting transcript, all the "in-conference room discussion" is attributed to my account. The remote participation is correctly attributed.


Can you suggest a way to properly attribute the transcription to the actual conference room participants?  Muting the VB342 mic and enabling the individuals’ device mics can cause echoing, and also does not record participants without individual devices.


I appreciate any suggestions or ideas you can offer.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

HI @RickR 

I am not aware of a good workaround for this issue, as the AI Companion system relies heavily on speaker attributions based on each participant's audio. Having multiple participants audio handled by a single participant means all those portions of the discussion will be attributed to that same user.