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Cannot rest hand on whiteboard when writing on iPad + cannot see video


With the newly updated Whiteboard I no longer have the option of 'use Apple Pen' only - this means that as soon as my hand touches the whiteboard, the screen starts to move right/left or up/down, making it hard to write on the whiteboard. Is there a way to lock the scree and stop it from moving? In the older version, activating the 'apple pen only' mode meant I could rest my hand on the iPad screen with no ill-effects to the whiteboard.


Similarly, as soon as I rest my hand on the whiteboard to write, the zoom button on the bottom right is activated, and constantly zooms the whiteboard in/out.

Is there a way to reposition any of the toolbars, especially the ones on the top left and bottom right of the screen, so one can write on the whiteboard while resting the hand on it?


The second issue  have is that I cannot see the participants video screen any more - in the previous version I could see their video on the bottom right of my feed (iPad). Without this, it makes face-to-face meeting very difficult! 

Any tips would be much appreciated! 



OK - I figured out that using a non-Apple stylus helps with the first problem - I can now rest my hand on the whiteboard while using an iPad. Still can't figure out how to get video to appear in the corner while using whiteboard.