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Zoom Channel member restriction


Hi, I've started a private zoom channel; however, would like to restrict who can add additional members to the private channel.  Is that functionality available?  I couldn't find anything in the settings or Zoom resources.  TIA


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @Leesie02 —


I don’t have any real experience with channels (I’ve played with them a little), but have you thoroughly read this Zoom Support article? 

It seems to me like anyone that is a member can invite another person – within the membership parameters attached to the channel (external allowed, or not, etc.).  


If you don’t get any more answers from Zoom Community volunteer members, you might contact Zoom Staff with a Support Ticket here:

If you find out the functionality you want isn’t actually available, consider entering a feature request here: 


Sorry I can’t be more helpful – but I’ll try to dive into it and learn more now!

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Thanks!  Your feedback is same conclusion I had so far.  Didn't know there was an ability to add a feature request for Zoom, so just submitted the idea.  Thanks for the idea.