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Notification to set on a window


My company is migrating from Slack to Zoom. Slack notification will appear depending on which window Slack is in. I'm using a laptop connected to a hub with two external monitors. So, moving Slack to any monitor, notification will appear there.


I have one of monitors checked as main display, and it seems Zoom Team Chat's notification will appear there regardless of which monitor the app is in. How do I go about changing this? I have my Focus Assist turned off, do I have to enable this?

I'm on Windows 10 Pro, Notifications & Actions do not have Zoom listed here.





To select the notification types you want and how you want to receive them:

Sign in to Zoom Events.
Click your profile picture.
Click Notifications.
Click Settings settings-button.png.
The Notification Settings window will appear.
Under the Zoom Events and/or Email columns, select the check boxes next to the notification types you want to receive.
(Optional) Deselect the check boxes next to the notification types you don't want to receive anymore.
Click Save.



Rachel Gomez

This appears more applicable to Zoom Events. I'm looking to modify Zoom Team Chat's notifications to appear on a display where Team Chat is in.


For example, I have three monitors in order: Monitor 1, Monitor 2, Monitor 3. If my Monitor 1 is checked off as main display, which is required and as needed, then I have Zoom Team Chat in Monitor 3. The new chat notification will appear in the main display, which is the Monitor 1, and not Monitor 3 where the app is in.


Slack has this capability to choose whether if Slack is in this display, notification will appear in this display.

From the looks of it, there is actually no viable solution, which means this is a feedback for Zoom.