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Create Zoom channel/account for internal Helpdesk


Dear all,


Trust you are well. 


I would like to advise with you on several ideas to setup an internal Helpdesk channel in Zoom. 


This is a new concept that we would like to implement in our support as we are not always at our desks due to interventions/etc.  

The same way there is a shared mailbox for IT support, we need to setup a Zoom account/channel as well. 


- Is there an option to create such a room/channel/user where issues can be shared with Helpdesk ?

- Can we restrict the visibility in the Helpdesk room/group/channel - users should not be able to see each others issues ? 

- Is there an option to set this up and avoid logging out of the personal Zoom account ?  


The easiest way to do this if we create a Zoom account with the Helpdesk email but I am sure there are other 'techinical' options. 


Please, let me know what you think. 





I am curious to know if you made any headway on this project.  We currently have a helpdesk solution that accept emails to create tickets, and my idea was to have something handle inbound zoom chat messages and translate those to email, but your idea seems promising.