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Cancelling subscription


I have twice cancelled my subscription, in August and September, twice filling in the form to say why, yet I have twice been automatically charged. How can I get my money back and how can I cancel all future attempts by Zoom to continue charging me ? Needless to say, I am so angry that I will no way be using Zoom in the future. 



Hi @BCN1 


Zoom is generally very responsive, I have found.


Does your subscription still appear active at - and have you tried to cancel it there?


Are you sure your account is not under a commitment period, maybe?


Did you get any confirmation from your previous cancellation attempts? 


If still no luck - I would suggest either trying to call Zoom directly, or try also the online Chat for Support.


Hope this helps.




Hi Rupert, thanks for your feedback but I haven't made any progress. I have now tried to cancel my October subscription and they take me through the process, leading me to believe that it's all done, but it isn't. My account still appears as active and there is no confirmation email from Zoom. I have also used their contact form explaining my problem, but that was several days ago and I haven't had a response. The 'chat' you can try is just a bot and isn't any help either. You suggest calling them directly - do you happen to know if they have a customer services number or similar? I would be phoning form the EU

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @BCN1, you can look into our KB article on contacting our Zoom Billing support team , and this KB article always helps breakdown the cancellation process -->  Canceling your Subscription


Hope this helps! 


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This same thing has happened to me. I canceled in December and January but each time I logged in, it would show as active again and I was still charged the next month. Today I was charged again for February and I again logged in and canceled. Today I called customer service and they said they will send me a confirmation email for the cancelling. We will see. Very unhappy about this.