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Zoom in the Wild!

Zoom Moderator

Hey Zoomers! 👋


Over the past couple of years, Zoom has virtually transformed into a household name.  You can occasionally find Zoom being mentioned (or someone "Zoom-ing") in movies, tv shows, commercials, etc.  📺


Show us or tell us an example of a surprising place where you have seen Zoom referenced?


Reply below 😎 👇


Personally, I was very surprised to see Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon hopping on Zoom calls, shocking meeting attendees on the "Tonight Show". It was such a wholesome moment! 😍


Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 3.04.11 PM.png



Zoom Moderator

Has anyone seen Elton John with all of his collaborators from The lockdown Sessions? Which was his album made entirely during the pandemic.


Pretty cool to see some super celebs using Zoom and having the ultimate party! 🕺⤵️



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Zoom Moderator

I almost teared up seeing this one! 😍🎶