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Favorite Zoom Meeting or Zoom Webinar!

Zoom Moderator

Hi Zoomers! 


Whether you attend Zoom events on a daily basis or only on special occasions, I'm sure you have one meeting or webinar that you will never forget. 


What has been your favorite Zoom meeting or webinar that you have attended or watched? And why? 🤔


Let us know in the replies below 👇👇


I'll go first...


Before I moved back to the mid-south area of the USA, I lived in Florida. Goodbyes are always the hardest for me, and I dreaded leaving my new friends who had become like family.  A week after my move, we decided to chat on video using Zoom, which was my favorite and first EVER Zoom meeting 💙😊







Zoom Moderator

My birthday is in early December, and in 2020, I was unable to be with any family in person. My mom surprised me by inviting 20+ of our family members to a Zoom call, where they all sang me happy birthday. During such a lonely and scary time in our world, I had never felt so much love. All thanks to Zoom for providing my family and I with that opportunity to come together during a global pandemic 💙

This is so beautiful, and I love that for you! Thanks for sharing 😊