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Zoom Rooms App - Maintaining HD Resolution on Large Screen


When we start our Zoom Rooms app on a Mac mini connected to a large-format (maybe 90-inch) Samsung display, we notice that the MacOS dock gets much larger just before the Room Name, Sharing Key and time appear on the screen.  We think the Mac screen resolution is being downscaled, which results in lower-resolution profile pictures and less-than-1080 HD (we have that option on our account) resolution on our meetings and shared screens. Has anyone been able to force Zoom Rooms to keep the native high-resolutions that we seen when we are looking at the Mac desktop on the same screen?  Any ideas please?



Was this ever resolved? If so, what was the solution?

This was not resolved.  At best, we could reduce the overall resolution of the large screen to match the Zoom resolution but we could not get the Zoom screen to align to the high resolution of the Mac desktop.