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Zoom Room Controller IPad Pairing


I have 3 Conference rooms across 3 sites that all use zoom with iPad for the controller, 2 rooms are fine but our SW Office is reporting the iPad and the screens for the conference system now wont pair with each other, i have confirmed they are both connected to the same network and both software's are up to date, i don't seem to be able to pair the two devices together. (the room PC and the iPad)

Checked Zoom admin system and its not showing the ipad for SW
iPad wont take Sharing or Pairing code from the screen, just says invalid.
both devices are in the same room connected to the same wifi, and its settings are identical to our NW Office.



Same issue. The controller absolutely will not pair even after rebooting both the controller and iMac, signing out and signing in again. 


For us, it was an issue with the WiFi network. I have no idea why, but re-booting the Access Point helped fixed the issue. We have a mesh network with 4 APs. Both the iPad and Mac Mini were on the same network, same AP, and fully online. Still, they could not connect until the AP was rebooted.

So the fix turns out to be easy, Need to re-pair the devices. 

The devices may re-pair, but that only lasts a short time (hours) and then they unpair. Going on 3 weeks and so far Zoom engineers are unable to find a fix for us at least.