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Polycom x50 Zoom Update


Hi everybody,


i got a Polycom System with a x50 (3.14.2-378005) system and a controller TC8 (4.0.0-210907). Both systems are up to date regarding the Polycom part.


The controller is running Zoom 5.13.10 (1832) but the x50 is still running 5.13.6 (2489) and won't update. When I click "update app", Zoom MDM is telling me, that the update is in progress, but it never finishes. It states "Upgrading to" and thats it. Does anyone got a hint for me where to push it a bit?



I have the Poly X30 and a few X50's. I have one X30 and TC8 that will not update to the newest version. The TC8 is stuck on 5.12. Have you found any answers?



We have got the same problem. We have got a system with : (Poly-Studio- X-50) + ( PolyTC8-Tablet)

Parameters in Zoom console Parameters in Zoom console Information in Polycam device Information in Polycam device

Poly-Studio- X-50:Poly StudioX50 3.10.0-362035 5.14.5 Versión actual: 3.14.2-378005 | 24 abr 2023

Poly PolyTC8-Tablet: Poly PolyTC8 3.10.0-210644 5.14.2 4.0.0-210907 4.0.0-210907

 As you can see, it was impossible to update Poly devices from the zoom console and also the versions shown by the Zoom console and the Poly console are different. Finaly, Poly systems have had to be upgraded directly from Poly control. It is clear that there is an integration problem between Zoom with Poly's X-50 and TC8 devices.
Kind regards



We had the same problem with Poly x50 and got an answer from Zoom suppor.t  Reset the device using the web interface. After that the upgrade worked for us. 


Thanks, we will try it