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NDI output audio also sends my own mic input in the feed - not just the guest


On the Zoom Rooms computer - have audio coming for my own mic via 3.5mm input.

On the controller, have the Audio input set to External mic.


I pin a remote guest to an NDI output in the controller.


On the receiving end of the NDI feed not only do I get the audio of the remote guest, but I also get the audio from my own mic. It should only have the audio of the remote guest in the feed.


For testing, on the controller, I changed the audio input for Zoom from External Mic to NDI, which is an audio feed I am sending to that computer from another source which outputs NDI audio.


This input feed works properly and does not get mixed in with the guest's NDI output audio.


Hopefully someone will have a fix for this, or the devs will see this post and correct it.