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NDI is set to on for all rooms, but Change View button does not have 'add output' option


I would like to begin testing the NDI output options in Zoom.  The Zoom Room is up to day with 5.8.0 but the change view button on the interface does not have a Add Output option as discussed in the getting started with NDI guide.  Any guidance would be appreciated.





Hi @Bennett1 


Are you using a touchscreen display on the Zoom Room itself, or are you using a separate controller device - like a tablet or the web controller?

Hi, I work with Bennett, we are using the Logitech tap locally, but it doesn't appear on the web controller for the room either.

Hi @Mjrtoo 


I'm pretty sure the web controller doesn't support the Add Output NDI option - but the Logitech Tap should, I think.


You do need Controller version 5.7.0 or higher. Is that what you have on your Tap?


And what hardware is your actual Zoom Rooms running on? NDI requires Windows or Mac.

It's all working now, didn't work on the TAP or the Windows controller but I grabbed an iPad and that worked fine, all good.  Thanks for your assistance!

Good to know - and you're welcome.


I've seen it work for sure on Android controllers, and now iPad, so maybe those are the only ones at the moment.

Evidently so, kind of a pain actually.  But it's pretty slick for a small city broadcast system or something like that for three remote participants.

For sure. If you are using NDI and Zoom, you can also check out