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Multiple screen shares in grid view - Zoom Room


Is it possible to view multiple screen shares simultaneously?

I have multiple people screen sharing with a Zoom Room so the content of their screens can be displayed on a TV for the whole room. They can all share their screen but I have to manually pick which screen to display with the Zoom Room. And I can only show one at a time. What I want is to be able to see all of the shared screens in grid view like you can with people's cameras. I don't know if this is currently possible in Zoom but it would certainly be helpful if there was a way.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @labquixotic , thank you for your contribution to the Zoom Community! I am sorry that you have not yet received a response, but I'd be happy to help. The following video will show you how to enable multiple screen shares: 

Note: To view multiple shared screens in a Zoom Room, multiple content sharing must be enabled in that Zoom Room's settings


I hope this helps!


Zoom Community Team