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List Zoom room api


We are using list zoom room api's .


In response of this api, we have field "location".

This field is not coming in response instead location_id is coming.


Wanted to know if zoom document needs to be updated ?

Zoom api's still send location field and right now not getting location field is a bug in zoom api ?




@neema001 In the response to this API you should be getting both the Location ID (this can be used in other API calls) and the Location (the names that you have entered into the Zoom Rooms portal for your locations). 

Below is a sample response that should mimic what you should see as a response. 

"next_page_token": "LkbB9n92siRxgYkffZ8KhApZCQMZpNrN0d2",
"page_count": 2,
"page_number": 1,
"page_size": 30,
"total_records": 30,
"zoom_rooms": [
"account_type": "Work Email",
"calender_name": "666555",
"camera": "Integrated Webcam",
"device_ip": "Computer :",
"email": "***********",
"health": "critical",
"id": "35QLhffMSfqUJJ9gCszciw",
"issues": [
"Zoom room is offline"
"last_start_time": "2022-03-10T11:34:39Z",
"location": "floor1",
"location_id": "BzBAAAAAAAfprg",
"microphone": "Microphone (3- Logitech USB Headset H340)",
"room_name": "jchill",
"speaker": "Speakers (3- Logitech USB Headset H340)",
"status": "Offline"

Do you have locations for Zoom Rooms set up under your account?

Hi @ReedatZoom 
I am using zoom api ( to create rooms with request body

"name": "Room9",
"type": "ZoomRoom",
"calendar_resource_id": "",
"location" : "test"
} --> Its success

and then hitting api to get zoom rooms with location.
Its response shows "Room9" with location_id field but no location field.

@Neema91 The API will only respond with the Locations ID (Location ID can be used with other APIs and is a unique ID for that location)

If you instead use this API from the Dashboard section of the API documentation ( it will give you the name of the location in plain text as you have it entered in the web portal