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Always optimize video when sharing from a Zoom room


We have a Zoom room setup where we have a 2nd computer used for presentations connected to Zoom PC via HDMI and a Magewell USB converter.  


We're looking to have anything shared from this room directly always set to optimize video.  We can't seem to find any setting to do this, has anyone found a way to make this happen?  I'm only looking to have this setting trigger on anything shared from the room itself. 


We have a presentation that we share out that has a slide with an embedded video.  Every few Zoom room updates the video gets jumpy if the optimize setting isn't turned on.  After a few version updates we'll find that it goes back to normal and we no longer need the setting on.  It would be great if this could stay consistent, but for now we're looking for a way to always have the video optimized without having to hit the very small settings icon and optimize slider.



Our institution would also like to have this as a global/granular setting that can be applied to Zoom Rooms for local HDMI shared sources. The faculty here get flustered enough having to click through options in the Zoom Room UI, so having this be able to be applied at a room, campus or account owner level would be very beneficial. Many presentations have embedded or video resources on cloud services that really suffer for playback via Zoom if this setting is not enabled.