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Transcription feature crashing Zoom


I'm an IT guy at a school and we have started to have a very weird issue with Zoom ever since the 5.7.6 update. Many of the teachers at the school use the live transcription feature in their Zoom calls, and since the 5.7.6 update these people have reported that Zoom starts to crash in slow motion when using this feature. First, names of the participants will disappear, then videos of participants disappear, though the teacher can still hear the students. Then the teacher is unable to click on any buttons in Zoom, so they can't share their screen or control breakout rooms or do anything they would normally be able to do. They cannot even turn the transcription feature off. It usually only starts this weirdness about 20-30 minutes into calls. It is still happening with the latest 5.7.7 update also. Has anybody else come across this issue? Any ideas on how to resolve it? It seems to only affect Windows machines - Macs have not had this issue.



I too work at a school and teachers have encountered that exact same problem. It's occurring on different networks, both personal and in office buildings so it doesn't appear to be network bandwidth. We are a PC school.


We're having this issue too with 5.7.7 version. We're a business, not a school. Co-hosts and hosts are experiencing the issue. Rebooting the computer is the only option - we haven't even been able to leave the meeting once it starts freezing.


I'm glad to hear that we are not the only ones having this issue. Hopefully we can get some kind of response from Zoom.


I've also created a ticket for this and they have elevated the issue.

Thanks @bshelley. Do you have a link to the ticket by chance that I can follow? Having the same issues.


Following: We've had a subset of users (all Windows) with the same issue.  An update just came out for Windows.  Any indication that this resolves the issue?  Thanks!


Would be interested to hear any update on this. A user has reported losing access to hosting controls and screen freezing in 2 out of their 3 meetings this week. The only meeting they didn't freeze was in the one where they forgot to turn on transcription. 


The reply I got to my ticket was the Sept 10th update resolved this issue. I am in the process of testing it will users but so far it appears to have worked.

That is good to hear. We will test out the Sept 10th update to see if that resolves it.




I'm an admin; getting reports of intermittent screen freezing at various intervals when live transcription is on. 
This and many other issues related to screen freezing and loosing participant video windows seem to have started within the last 2 weeks after updates.  


Likewise - we had a report of this on 13th September. The user was on

Interesting that in the release notes for 5.7.7 (1105) 


Release notes of 5.7.7 (1105)
Resolved Issues
-Resolved an issue for a subset of users with AMD processors regarding video freezing in meetings
-Minor bug fixes

Update: was told the latest release resolved the issues, but not totally sure.  We have been telling users with the problem, regardless of what version they are on,  to uninstall the Zoom client and download a fresh copy from    


My teachers have found that the update and then restarting the computer solved the issue. I have also suggested that once they turn live transcription on they hide their subtitle from their own view.


Has anyone resolved this? I have had two meetings where 20 mins in i lose control, only option is to shut pc down and leave co-host running meeting, but then i end up losing control again after a while when re-joinng. all meetings 2 hours long with varying numbers 70-118 attending. Never had this issue before when not using live transcription, just seems since i am using this its all going wrong? 


Try uninstalling the desktop client, then download a fresh copy from - that has seemed to work for several of our users.  The barage of Zoom updates seems to have caused this, an they state the most recent update resolved the issues, but....others who continued to experience this behavior did the uninstall / download.



I just used this feature for the first time Monday and Tuesday and my screen froze in the same ways people are describing.  I will try the update and the uninstall and download.  Fingers crossed!




I've uninstalled and re-downloaded Zoom, to no avail. It's happened twice since I did this, and I can't find a solution other than turning off auto-transcription - has anyone else found workarounds? Thanks in advance!


I've had this same issue multiple times this week (October) and use a university account. I notice it tends to sometimes happen when the guest stops sharing their slides. I've tried ending Zoom in task manager... sometimes it's helped, but not perfectly... I usually log in additionally on my phone as cohost, which has helped me communicate with the presenters and stop recordings. Bummer, live transcript has been such a useful feature, but I fear using it for anything high stakes anymore. I have 55 minutes before my next meeting...I'll try uninstalling Zoom and doing a clean update. 


I am having this same issue, it has happened to me twice. IT is currently uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom on my desktop, but I am working remotely today and have a workshop in 2 1/2 hours. I am hoping that the version is up to date on my laptop since I can't do the uninstall/reinstall because it is a college laptop.

Did it work on your laptop - this is such a worry on top of hosting a workshop. Zoom's only advice was uninstall/reinstall but that doesnt help the panic if it goes wrong when running an event you are stuck without a co-host to take over!


I still have this issue after updating 

Me too, I just tested it and still having issues.


I've been hosting sessions for a conference this week. (I regularly host Zoom sessions, but rarely use the live interpretation feature). The only sessions where I encountered Zoom issues were those where participants asked for this feature to be turned on during the sessions. About 20 minutes into the session, the Zoom controls disappeared, participant and chat windows are not visible etc. (As described by other users above).


I can't close the Zoom window or end the meeting. The only way I found to end the meeting was to close the Zoom meeting from the Task Manager, rejoin the meeting, then End Meeting for All.

Zoom Moderator

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. For anyone still experiencing this issue, please uninstall the Zoom desktop client and re-download the latest version by going to
If you are still experiencing this issue on version 5.8 please let us know.

Virginia Johnson (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team


I work at a school too and this has happening for two months. Have you tried this new update yet? I have installed on class room computers but I haven't tried yet in a class setting. I've tried testing multiple times when no one else was on the zoom call but it doesn't freeze when no one else is there. I'm really hesitant to let anyone use the CC and hold back the entire class if anything freezes.



Yes.  I have been experiencing this same thing.  I've been teaching an online course this week and my students are in China.  They asked if I could enable the feature.  However, whenever it is enabled I experience the same things you are describing.  So, I have stopped enabling the feature.