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I use multiple mobile devices, IPad and Iphone. I have the app downloaded on both and i stay logged in on both. I use my phone for calls and my Ipad for meetings. How can I stop every device from ringing when I get a call through Zoom? it is very disrupting to have every device ringing in the house. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jbyrd0902 


Presently there isn't a way to not have Zoom Phone ring in the Zoom app of one device and have it still ring on another device (this includes iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and Zoom Phone Appliances). There is an enhancement announced to be in development that would allow us to identify which devices we want to ring/not ring.


In the meantime, I would suggest turning on the option Hide Incoming Calls While in a Meeting, in the Zoom app Settings under Phone, so that you are not interrupted during a Zoom Meeting. This will of course affect both your iPhone and iPad when you activate it. 


I hope that helps!