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Hi, I am Admin for our system, but i want to give some power users the ability to temporarily set a voice message on the IVR and set queues off line. How to realize that?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Atovenaar,


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You can do this by using Zoom Phone role management, which allows you to control access to Zoom Phone settings and features in the web portal :


You can either:

  • Assign the users the default Call Queue Manager role which will give them access to all call queue settings; or
  • Duplicate the Call Queue Manager role and assign the user to this new role, then make sure these two privileges are enabled so that they have access to the two privileges you stated:
    • Manage Basic Information
    • All Other Features

Hope that helps!

Note Taker

In addition to Kev's post, you need to set a "target"  for the user which will be the Queue you want them to have the additional access in.

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