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clients getting message: unable to join, host is in another meeting




i have deleted all prior meetings- made a brand new recurring bi-weekly meeting.

clients are unable to join, they are getting message "unable to join, host is in another meeting".

i am not in another meeting.

i am in the meeting waiting for them to join.  

when they do not join i send a link from the meeting where i am waiting and they can then join. 


super annoying, this is the 3rd time it has happened- anyone have a solution?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @bigleo,


Do you ever pass Host to anyone else during your Meetings, or do you ever schedule a Meeting with the "participants to join anytime" or the "join before host" options enabled?


If either is true - it could be possible that a prior Meeting originating from your account is still running somewhere, either with someone else as Host, or with no Host and still active Participants.


When you have Participants facing the Host is in another meeting problem, when generally had your last successful Meeting prior to that?


Does anyone else have access to your account, with username and password?






There's a toggle buried deep in the settings that allows us to start a meeting using our PMID (Personal Meeting ID) and for no apparent reason, mine had been turned off.  Read this:


appreciate your fast answer-

never pass host on but do allow the "participants to join anytime" or the "join before host" options.


when problem occurred i made a new meeting hoping that will solve the issue, it did not.


please lmk what to do, super frustrating!



I have had this happen to me more than once. I am

afraid  to host meetings now. Sometimes  my entire group gets this message.