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batch update with User_template CSV


Batch importing, exporting, or updating phone users – Zoom Support


if updating existing users, they mention the following req:


  • Do not delete the first row with the field names.
  • For the Phone Number field, make sure the phone number contains the following (don't use spaces or dashes):
    1. Plus sign (+)
    2. Country code
    3. Area code
    4. Phone number


The  user_template CSV when exported doesn't have any of the above in its fields (no plus, ctry code). 


Also, I have exported unassigned numbers CSV, that CSV puts 3 spaces into each number.  I have copied unassigned number from that CSV (including spaces)into the phone number field in the user_template CSV , completed other fields and imported updates with no issues.


Seems to me the above requirements of "no spaces" and "country codes is incorrect. 


Or am i reading this wrong? 






Perhaps the documentation is out of date? If it is working for you then I wouldn't worry about it!