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Send to voicemail missing


I have a user setup as an operator, this user has the powerpack and all is working except the option to send to voicemail. when a call comes in and the operator chooses the transfer option from the app it only shows 2 options, Blind transfer and warm send to voicemail. When I login with our admin account on the app that option is available. How do I make it so a normal user has the option to send to voicemail???


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

I just played around with this, but I am an admin with power pack and can't think of a way to easily test this in my environment for you..  I did find an issue of sorts though.  I noticed that even when transferring to a contact's external number (non Zoom) like landline, mobile, etc. it still has the transfer to voicemail icon, but obviously doesn't and can't work for non Zoom numbers.




I am having the same issue as well. When using the Zoom Assistant widget I did see the option for transfer to voicemail, but now it does not appear. Also, like @BrandonS says, on external contacts I did see the option to transfer to voicemail which shouldn't be.