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Having issues with people hearing me while using desktop app with jabra headset


Hopefully someone can help! 


I'm making calls with Zoom and my headset, and people continue to tell me that I'm breaking up very badly.  I can hear them just fine.  Another related issue is when I'm making calls with zoom on the computer, rings sound muffled or not at all.  When someone picks up, then I can hear them.  I also don't hear a beep when calling someone's voicemail.  It's just silence, and I have to assume that the beep already happened.  


I bought a new computer(Asus vivobook I9 if that matters).  I downloaded zoom, and have been making calls with Zoom and my Jabra evolve 2 75 headset.  The headset is connected to the computer via usb c dongle.  I've used the same headset with my previous computer without issue.  I don't think the headset is the issue, as I've made calls using Zoom on my phone with the headset, and no issues.  I've tried using my headset with my old computer, and no issues.  


Is there a setting in Zoom or my computer that I'm missing?  I'm tired of hearing that people can't hear me.  


Please help!



It sounds like there may be a configuration issue with your headset or Zoom settings on your new computer.


Ensure your headset is selected as both microphone and speaker device in Zoom settings. Update audio drivers and headset firmware. Test different USB ports and disable audio enhancements to troubleshoot muffled or distorted sound issues.