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Screen sharing problem




I'm having a problem with screen sharing for a while. I have Samsung galaxy s9 ultra tablet and I already installed Zoom. When I want to sign in with my university account, zoom opens it only in web site. The application won't open no matter how much I wait or press the launch meeting button. At last I have to press join from your browser option and when I do so, there is no share screen option in the bottom. 


I already checked my in meeting settings and share screen is available and I tried Uninstalling the app and clearing the cache options a few times. I also tried singing out from my account completely and singing in from the beginning... Nothing worked. I have a Samsung phone and when I try to do the same with my phone, there is no problem. I can't understand what is wrong with the Tablet. In addition, zoom works correctly when I reset to factory the Tablet only once after first installation. After that I encounter the same problem.


Can anyone help me with this issue? I need to use my tablet in the meetings and it's really causing me a lot of problems. 


Thank you in advance 



I am also having the same issue and this is extreamly disappointing as this is one of the main reasons I purchased this device was to be able to be mobile and still conduct my meetings. I cannot do this withoug the screen sharing option and unfortunatly that makes this a useless brick if I cannot screenshare. I can from Samsung phone with no issues. When will this be fixed? or is there one currenlty? With the price of this device this is a huge problem.