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SMS Short Codes


Does anyone have a timeline of when SMS Short Codes will be supported. We ported our numbers in and all two factor authentication texts aren't being delivered. This is an integral part of authentication on the web and if you advertise SMS on your platform, you should be able to do Short Codes.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@revchris  thank you for your question!

I think you can appreciate that we cannot share roadmap items here. At the same time, let me offer two suggestions for you:

  1. Submit a feature request here.
  2. In general for any roadmap item, I would encourage you to reach out to your Zoom Account Executive I hope this helps and sorry I did not have anything more specific on this topic.

If you are ok with my answer can you mark it "Accept as Solution"?   

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Touching base on the timeline of being able to receive SMS short code texts through zoom phones? We had the same issue last year when we switched over. Is this feature live yet or can anybody speak to it? 


My rep tells me this is being released this month.

yeah! About time. 

I'm just going to wait patiently while being locked out of a bunch of accounts 🙂


Receiving of SMS from short codes was released as of 7/18/2022 and have already received SMS from a Comcast/Xfinity short code.


There isn't any sending capability to short codes though as I tried to send a "stop" message back and it fails.  Hopefully they will add this in the future.

Encouraging! Please keep us all posted if there are any issues with short code SMS. We are going to get rid of our DialPad account - finally.