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Poly CCX 700 Logs out Zoom User after Reboot


I have been able to successfully register and activate Zoom on the Poly CCX 700, with full functionality.  The issue is, if the phone reboots from power-loss or update, the device will not reload/relog-in the user automatically. I have to "re-pair" the user.


Anyone know of a way to "save-state" or user into the loading config?


Thanks in Advanced,



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi joshua_winkfein,


according to zoom support article, zero touch provisioning (ZTP) is supported for ccx 700


Zoom Phone Certified Hardware – Zoom Support


please follow guide for provisioning using ztp.  with ztp, you add the new phone (used phones need to be reset to factory default) to a user using the phone's mac address.  zoom sends a message to poly to identify this phone as serviced by zoom.  when you plug the phone in your network, the phone contacts poly to find out what voip provider (zoom) services the phone.  poly tells the phone to connect to zoom to get correct firmware version and configuration.  zoom then provisions the ccx 700 with firmware (current version for zoom) and configures the phone to support its assigned user.

Getting started with provisioning desk phones – Zoom Support


whenever the ccx 700 loses power, it will reboot and connect automatically as soon as power is restored.


thanks, eliot