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Initial Setup


I need some initial help setting things up.

I know there are many great videos and articles, but none that I have found that help with my particular setup.

I have been operating a small one man consulting business for about 10 years now and recently switched to Zoom Phone a few months ago and because of my inability to find answers to some of my questions, it has been impacting my business ever since I switched over to Zoom Phone.


I would like to publish both a toll-free # and a toll number as my companies main office numbers on my company website.


My initial purchase from Zoom included one toll-free number and two toll numbers.

I also have a Poly EDGE E220 desk phone.

Furthermore, I want to be able to use the Auto receptionist and IVR.

I believe I would like all incoming calls to go through the auto receptionist/IVR both during and outside of normal business hours.


Do I concern myself with call queues and or call groups?

If I set both the toll-free number and one of the toll numbers as main office numbers, does that mean the only phone lines visible on my desk phone is the second toll number?


I wish that I could pay someone for some initial phone consultation but have had no luck finding anyone.

I would pay someone handsomely for this service.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @JGithens 


Welcome to Zoom Community. It seems you need to setup your entire phone system. I recommend you reach out to Zoom professional services and you will get deployment and planning help. 


Please reach out: