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Incoming caller ID source?


Several of my clients have begun to use Zoom Phone for their office phone numbers.  However, when I call them from my business line, it shows the wrong name for my company, but shows the information is "verified" on their screen.


What caller ID lookup service is Zoom using to provide incoming caller ID to Phone clients?  And, if not using an external service (such as Hiya) how can I get this changed in the Zoom caller ID database?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

How is the caller ID name determined on outbound calls from Zoom Phone?
The caller ID name on outbound calls is determine by the Zoom Phone admin.


The caller ID name is only applied to US and Canada phone numbers.
Zoom Phone will attempt to apply the caller ID name to US/CA toll numbers. This is a "best effort" service with limitations. There are no technical criteria when the specified caller ID name will be applied to a toll number.
The caller ID name applies to the entire organization or site. The admin cannot apply a different caller ID names for individual phone users.
Phone users can hide their caller ID name and number.

In the US, the caller ID name that is displayed to the receiving party is determined by the phone service that is receiving the call, not the phone service where the call is originating. The phone service that is receiving the call relies on a caller ID name database to match the incoming caller ID number with a caller ID name. In the US, only the caller ID number is passed along to the receiving phone service so it's up to them to match the number with a caller ID name.

Note that this may work differently depending on your country.


Why is the caller ID name of an external phone number not displaying correctly on Zoom Phone?
Zoom Phone uses an external service to determine the caller ID name of external phone numbers.

If the caller ID name of an external phone number if not displaying correctly, contact the third-party carrier or service provider to update the caller ID name for that number.

Note: If the external phone number is in your synced contacts, Zoom Phone displays the display name of the synced contact instead of the caller ID name. See our article about incoming call notifications for more information.

Frequently asked questions about caller ID – Zoom Support


you can check caller-id name for us/canada telephone numbers at several websites such as CNAM Lookup | Apeiron

Thanks for your response.  However, I'm not at all unclear how caller ID works.  I'm aware that Zoom uses a caller ID database to display caller ID for incoming calls.  But, they also say in their help documents that they use an external database.  I want to determine WHICH external database, so that information for the caller can be updated by them by contacting that database. 

Your CNAM lookup did not prove helpful, although perhaps I can find another resource that will be.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @AdministratorGC 


I would suggest that have your clients who are Zoom Phone customers, submit a Zoom Support Request ( asking for the name of the third party database(s) to which Zoom subscribes, explaining the context of the situation.


Additionally, you might check with your phone provider to determine how they have coded your name to appear in Caller ID, because that is the initial source for the information. 


I hope this helps!



The verified flag just means call is at STIR/SHAKEN attestation level A (the highest level).  However, we've found that this doesn't mean it is not a spoofed call, esp. if the inbound caller is spoofing a Zoom DID.