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How to Run reports



We are looking to track certain values every month and I have some questions on how to run reports to obtain the following. 

  • Total number of incoming calls
  • Number of those calls answered
  • Number of those calls the caller abandoned before being answered 
  • Number of those calls that were forwarded to the back up call center
  • Callers average wait time
  • Average call handle time (I believe this one would be taking the average of the "duration" column)

I did go into reports and using the sort feature. I see in the "Call Connected" column, some say Key 1 and some have --. Can you explain what those mean?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@pro-spect  , Key 1 on call logs means caller pressed 1 to be able to route to another extension or whatever is set up in your IVR menus.


Here is our KB article for Phone system reports that you can check.


Please take note of the below prereqs before viewing reports


Prerequisites for viewing phone usage reports

  • Business, or Education account
  • Account owner or admin privileges
  • Zoom Phone license

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