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Contacts on Mobile App


I don't understand where the contacts come from on your zoom phone mobile app.  I have some employees that have all their personal contacts from their phone, some employees have all the people in our organization in contacts, and some employees have nothing.


The reason I'm asking is we are trying to figure out how to forward calls.  When an employee wants to use the mobile app to forward their phone when they're sick, they click on their more button in the bottom right, click on phone, click on forward calls, forwarding contact, and then search in their contacts.  Some can find our receptionist queue or auto attendant in there and some can not.  It seems so random.  How do I ensure everyone has our auto receptionist and reception queue in their mobile contacts?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @kmcgregor 


When searching the Contacts that display, it shows internal extensions, linked Phone Contacts, and entries in the External Contacts by default, for me using the iOS mobile app, I have to tap View More at the bottom of the results shown to display the Call Queues and Auto Receptionists. You may want to instruct the employees to be sure they select the option to search for "A Name or an Extension", not "An External Number" too.


The search can be done by the name of the Call Queue or Auto Receptionist as well as the assigned Extension Number


I hope that helps!



Thanks for this reply, @FORE-Craig (and your others on many other threads here!) 


I am having the same issue as the original poster, and our Queues and Auto-Receptionists do not appear for me when I tap the View More button you suggested. Tapping View More just lists the full list of our regular users.


Any other thoughts on how we can get our Auto Receptionist and Queue extensions to appear in our users' contacts?