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Can zoom phone calls be recorded automatically?


We are a small team but we do need to be able to record calls of our team for training and quality improvement purposes, is that possible, if yes under which plan and a guide on doing that? Please advise. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Yes, it is possible to set up automatic call recording with Zoom Phone. You need to have a Pro, Business or Education Zoom account with a Zoom Phone license. 

To set it up you need to be the Owner of the Zoom Phone System account, or have Admin privileges. It can be set up for the Account, the Site, and for Call Queues. 


Here's a support document that explains it in detail:


I hope that helps!



Yes, they can be recorded automatically. On the one hand, it is not that difficult to record a call. All you need is the right equipment and the proper software. On the other hand, the law still forbids and imposes some restrictions on recording phone conversations without the permission of one of the parties. You should always notify your customers about the possibility of recording the conversation and get their permission.