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Call Handling does not work for T-Mobile Phone Numbers



I have a case open since April or May of 2020.

Apparently, if you would like to route your calls using Call Handling, it does not work for t-mobile.


Call Handling 1: Zoom Application

Call Handling 2: T-Mobile

Call Handling 3: VoIP Phone


If someone calls my direct number (Zoom), it will ring Max 15 seconds then it will (or should) ring my t-mobile number. If I don't pick it up then it will ring my voip phone. That's how should it works. does NOT work. After the Zoom app max ring time, it just skips Call Handling 2 and goes directly to Call Handling 3. It does not matter where I put my t-mobile in order using the Call Handling  feature - it just skips the t-mobile phone.


For months I've been going back and fourth with Zoom support and finally convinced the Zoom tech support to find co-workers who has t-mobile phones and use the Call Handling feature. He did and confirmed that there is an issue with t-mobile phone numbers. He had escalated the ticket # to the Telephony DevOps Team and we should hear back from them. has been 6 months already no update. Even though I've been having this problem since my company start using Zoom phone back in April of 2020.


Hopefully this post will catch someone's attention (Zoom) and push for this to be resolve.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @zoom123 


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I believe you may be working with our support agents on a resolution and looking at the latest notes on the ticket it appears that it may have been resolved. Can you confirm whether this is the case?


We also welcome additional input from community members if anyone else has experienced this.


Many thanks.