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CCX 400 Zoom Phone Appliance


Anyone hear anything official from zoom on zoom phone appliance for the CCX 400? It was listed in the release of 5.11.0, but doesnt seem to provision, nor is it listed on the page for officially supported poly phones. Our organization mostly ordered this phone and have been patiently waiting for this release to finally come out.


Release notes for Zoom Phone Appliances – Zoom Support



I see it in the list of polycom models when adding a physical phone.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Do you have them provisioned currently as Desk Phones? We have Yealink VP59s that operate as Zoom Phone Appliances. When initially setting them up, there was a specific ROM to install that I got from Zoom Support. They then showed up as Devices under Device Management and not in Phones and Devices under Phone System Management. I would submit a request ticket to Zoom Support being as clear as you can stating that you need help provisioning the CCX400s as Zoom Phone Appliances. 


I hope that helps!



I have tried a few ways, registering as a regular phone in zoom phone appliance, but I do not get the option to convert. adding the phone in devices, the factory resetting does not allow me to provision the phone as a zoom phone appliance. ran through every update for the ccx400 up to 7.3 and followed with a factory reset and zoom phone appliance does not show.


The update from last month listed the ccx400 as added support, but I noticed it is not on this list of supported zoom phone appliances


Certified Zoom Phone Appliances – Zoom Support

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I saw it listed in the Release Notes too. It looks like that list of Certified ZPAs has not been updated since May. 


Like I said before, it is best to contact support. They will probably have a specific ROM of the Zoom Phone Appliance app for the CCX400 that you'll need to intstall on the phones through the web interface before provisioning takes place.


Good luck!