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Auto-answer on Zoom Phone


I have a User who reported the scenario:


User is in a MS Teams meeting (audio and video) on laptop (windows) when they receive an inbound call to the Zoom Phone client (softphone) on same laptop. The "Zoom Phone client rings and almost immediately, automatically answers."


Has anyone encountered this scenario before? 

User's zoom phone's call handling settings are 24x7 to ring on Zoom Application; 30sec before forward to voicemail. 

User has own DDI/Extension, and inbound call originates from external user who directly dialled this User.

User has no delegation nor associated desk phone. 

User has different audio devices available on their laptop, such as Dell HSC016 (external); LifeCam and Realtek (built in to laptop)


If we remove the User from the scenario, has anyone got any ideas why Zoom Phone might auto answer the call?


Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

@1234567890 , 


Hello there, welcome to the community. 


Is the user using a headset?  If so, I'd advise ensuring it's a supported headset by both MS Teams and Zoom.  

Here's the list of supported headsets for Zoom:


If the user is NOT using a headset, please open a ticket with Zoom and they can gather the logs to understand why the Zoom client is answering the call. 

Thanks @aaroncoffman


Yes, I should've confirmed User is using a HID - the DELL UC150 (regulatory DELL Model HSC016). Its a Dell badged Jabra. 


Whilst Dell are not listed headsets on Zoom Phone's list (I'm not expecting  Zoom Phone to start listing all  variants), it does appear the product HSC016  maps to the Jabra Evolve 20 range, which is on the list of supported  headsets with Zoom.


I'm pending User feedback, as advice to them included using Jabra Direct to ensure latest firmware etc., applied and softphone integration set for Zoom or MS Teams.


User has provided some initial feedback, indicating the issue occurs when using the aforementioned headset and not when using the LifeCam and Realtek. 


@1234567890 I have had a ticket open regarding this issue since early June, and it's been with engineering for the last two months. The ticket number is #11203584.   I can recreate it with a the Jabra Engage 75 headset every time.  The current workaround is to go into do not disturb mode on Zoom while in a Teams meeting.

@jimno , Thank you for the suggestion.


I wonder if the Zoom Phone Product team would consider developing the Zoom Phone client to automatically go into DND when run in parallel MSTeams on the same device. Maybe expand this to also include running Zoom Phone app on a smart handset to avoid cellular calls being delivered to it.


Good luck with your support ticket too.

Try installing Jabra Direct. We had some Jabra headset users experiencing the same issue with MS Teams and Zoom and installing it fixed the problem for them.

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This issue is resolved for us in the newest version.  Support didn't tell me specifically which version they implemented the fix in but I haven't been able recreate the issue on 5.8.1