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Add user issues


I tried adding a new user so I could set up their phone today.  The user never received their verification email.  I deleted the pending user, added them again, same thing, they don't receive a verification email.  It is not an email issue on our end, other new users received their emails and I have been receiving voicemail emails all day.  


I tried to work around the issue by setting up the user with a utility mail box, then go in to the account to edit the email address but the system says the email has already been used.  I go back to users, search for the email address and nothing.  I can't find it anywhere in the phone system or the user system.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @swanienufan 


Did this person perhaps already a Zoom account set up with their work email address? Have them try signing into Zoom on the portal at 


Otherwise there are these troubleshooting tips when emails are not received from Zoom:


I hope that helps!




I've seen a case like this before on our account where it said an account was in use but it was not visible in the portal anywhere. Our Zoom admins managed to deal with this but I think they had to get Zoom support to fix it - for unknown reasons the existing account was not visible to anyone on our end if I remember correctly - regardless of their permissions.