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Need to change onZoom public profile URL


While I have been using Zoom for quite a while, I am new to onZoom, having created one event.


I misunderstood what was being asked when I was to choose a public profile. I thought I was creating a profile for the EVENT whereas what was being asked was a public profile for ME.


I did see something that said you could change the profile URL...but that's exactly what I am asking.


Is there a workaround? Is it possible to delete that profile and start again? Any other suggestions? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @DrFrankBuck, unfortunately, you're not able to change your public profile URL 👇

Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 1.43.24 PM.png

You can cancel your subscription, terminate the Zoom account, and create a whole new Zoom Account if that's what you're asking? However, wouldn't suggest 

Or, add your newly created user to your Zoom account and transfer ownership or reassign licenses to have access to onZoom on the new user.

If you'd like to request to submit a request to change public profile URLs you can do so by submitting this suggestion to, thanks and I hope this helps 🙂


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