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Incorrect Display name


I am having trouble making sure my display name does not change. Yesterday was the second time I have used Zoom on my personal laptop for an interview and both times, somehow when I enter the meeting my display name comes up as something completely offensive. This is the second job that Zoom has affected negatively in the last couple of months. 

I have changed my password multiple times and am just not sure what else to do. It will be hard to secure any type of employment if this is not permanently resolved as all of my future interviews will most likely be virtual. This has been extremely upsetting. I do  not even know where to look because on my end all I see is my name or the word "Zoom" as my name since I had to make sure it wasn't something offensive last time. I reached out to support when it happened then as well and they said to change my password and log all the way out and it would resolve itself. Well, now I know that was incorrect. 

If you have any tips or ideas that could help, please let me know.