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where to turn off auto record in settings?


I turned on the "auto record" feature for 1 week because I didn't want to forget to record during important meetings.

But it turned out I didn't want it to record as soon as I started to log in.  I want to record when I am ready and when I want to record.


However, I could not remember WHERE to turn this switch back to OFF.

Can any one here help me?

I have combed through the Settings at least four times, and I have not seen anything related to Auto Record.


Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner


Login into Zoom Web portal and go to > settings > recording >Click the Automatic recording toggle to enable or disable it


here the KB article:

If this has solved your issue, please accept the solution.



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Hi Calvo,

Thank you for answering my question.

However, the settings are different from what is shown in the article.

I have tried following the steps, to make sure I DISABLE the AUTORECORDING.

I even reboot the computer, it still record as soon as I login to zoom.

I did it at least 3 times, the same result.  It will record automatically even the button is off in Auto Recording.

Can you look at your end to see what else I missed?


I don't know which version of zoom app I have.  It's the latest zoom Worksplace on my PC.

This is my current settings