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virtual background not working


Hi everybody, I hope you are doing well.

The virtual background option that I have been using, is not working anymore. No matter what background I choose , it is "projected" on me, not behind me. I already went through all the suggested solutions available through tutorials and bot, but this specific problem is not even listed...Please, can Can anybody help? Thanks a lot!




For this issue, I would recommend contacting zoom support  

Alternatively, if you wish to start a chat session with a support agent, please follow the steps below. 

1. Visit the website., 

2. Make sure that you are signed into your zoom account. 

3. Click the blue chat bot icon at the bottom of the screen. 

4. Tell the bot something along the lines of connect to live agent or contact suppor. 

5. The bot will give you a list of the teams that you can contact. Select or type "support" from the list and you will be connected with an agent momentarily.


Hi pizzalover28,

Thanks for your reply.


I have already tried what you suggest and bolt wasn't very helpful 😞 as I am a basic user and there is limited access to customer support.

I am waiting for an answer from the zoom support, whose first answer was to look up in the Q&R section - where my case is not listed.

i have just to wait and see (hopefully).


Have a nice day