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the event description will be replaced with the zoom default invitation


I’ve noticed that if we are updating a Zoom meeting request, Zoom automatically reverts to its initial default setting, regardless of the information we had previously included in that meeting request. it gives a pop-up that says "the event description will be replaced with the zoom default invitation. Your previous event description will be copied to the clipboard" 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Leero,


Just to confirm, this is NOT on the Zoom.US web page, but on an something like an Outlook Invitation using the Zoom add-in, correct?


I have the Zoom Outlook add-in, and when creating a Appointment or (Outlook) Meeting, it leaves the text I've already typed in the meeting description area, and appends the Zoom invitation text below.


Even when editing an existing Outlook Appointment or Meeting, I don't see this behavior.


Can you provide some specific info on what steps you are using?  Some screen shots (with personal info, email addresses, etc. redacted) would be helpful.


I've seen this situation mentioned a number of times... but I've never been able to get enough details to replicate it - so I can help. 🙂

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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