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share screen to breakout rooms, then join the rooms

  1. In lessons, I want to share something from the main room to all the Breakout rooms, and then join the different rooms to see how they're getting on. How do I join the rooms but continue to share what's on the screen?
  2. As a host, how do I fix the gallery so it's side-by-side what I'm sharing, in the way it's fixed when I'm a participant?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you join  any room you will stop the screen share. Depending on how many rooms you have you could use a separate device to monitor each room or you could use one separate device to go from room to room. You can also broadcast your voice from the main room to all of the breakout rooms. With a separate device you can communicate within one room at a time. For your webcam to be visible you will need to join a room with a separate device and it will only be visible in that room. The camera in the main room is not shared with the screen share.


To join breakout rooms while continuing to share content, you first need to share your screen or the desired content to the breakout rooms from the main room. Then, individually join each breakout room. If possible, enable dual screen sharing to view both the shared content and the gallery view simultaneously. Adjust the gallery view to display side-by-side with the shared content, allowing you to monitor breakout rooms effectively while keeping track of the main discussion. This setup enables you to oversee the progress of each breakout room while maintaining engagement with the shared material.