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"Set Status Message" text not updating


I've been getting reports lately on and off about what users set as their "Set Status Message" isn't updating automatically for other users in the Contacts list. 

For example, a user will set their status to "at lunch" and Away.  When they come back, they change to Available and clear the "at lunch" message.  Other users see that user as 'Available' in their icon, but the "at lunch" text stays under their name until their name is clicked on in the Contacts list, then it updates.

These users are in groups set up by the Zoom admin, and are listed by said groups in the Contacts tab in the Zoom app.


This has been happening with various versions around 5.13.x for a couple weeks, on Windows 10 22H2.  Some users in the office, others WFH.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @BrandonH75 after testing with my windows/mac clients and having both users' contacts I can now kind of see what you are experiencing. I want to say that this has to be something with Zoom refreshing in the background or the user's computer going to sleep and not 'refreshing'? Have you ensured that all users are up-to-date with the latest version of Zoom available? 


I've tried searching for past tickets to see if this is something that has occurred in the past as I haven't seen much as to what you are experiencing. 


As I was testing with my accounts I first clicked within the Mac Zoom client as the action to 'refresh', and went over to my Windows machine to set my 'Set Status Message' to "at lunch", and saw on Mac Zoom Client the status message appeared within Team Chat with the Windows user as well as the hovercard when hovering over the users contact image. After that, on Mac Zoom Client, where the status message was appearing, I removed the status message on the Windows side and saw on the Mac Zoom Client that the Windows user status message was removed on the Mac Zoom client. 


I am assuming as to the 'refreshing' status of the profile you would need to hover over the user's Zoom profile image, therefore, saw that this refreshes (as I believe this is what your experiencing), and is intended. I'll monitor and do some more research as to if this is an issue/bug or just how this is by design. 



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Thanks for the reply.

I've been messing with it over the last few versions.  It just kind of 'happens' doesn't seem to be related to if people are at home or in the office, or on a laptop that might have slept or a desktop that is always on.  When I expand a contacts group some of the status messages update immediately and some don't update until I hover over the name in the list.  The 'available' status dots seem to be fine, it's just the status messages that don't always update immediately.


I wish I could come up with more helpful information but I can't seem to make it happen, other than it just happens.  I will continue to monitor and try to gather more information from others (who don't seem to want to give up much info when I ask).




We have the same issue here.  Our Front Desk relies on the Status Message to know if techs are logging in CRM, at lunch, in a meeting, etc.  Our Cisco system updated immediately, but Zoom is hit/miss on updating the status, so they can't rely on it.


I was told this today:

"Also, we are seeing a new issue… we remove personal notes and change status later to something else and the old notes come back."


We have the same issue.  Basically, you have to set the message twice for it to take, and you have to clear it twice to remove the message.  This is consistent across all users.  Anyone see a fix for this yet?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



I don't know the answer to your issue, but have any of you opened a Zoom support ticket about this?

Submit a ticket with Zoom support (  




I'm trying to, but we got our Zoom through Lumen so I have to go through them, which seems to take forever to get any response.

I opened a case and was told by Leonard that no one else has reported this issue and I should reinstall all of my users desktop apps, then he closed my case.  We are on the current version, I did reinstall a couple users desktop clients and still have the same issue.  have to enter the information twice in order for it to save and need to delete it twice in order to remove it.