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one user does not get any confirmation email


Hi all

I am managing a large corporate meeting account. adding users is a daily task.

I tried adding a new user, and she did not receive the confirmation email, so she couldn't register and get past the pending status.

I tried sending to a different alias, it didn't work.

I opened the account on her personal Gmail account, and it worked just fine! but tried changing the (now) active account to the user's corporate mail, and again the confirmation mail didn't come.

all this time, other users have received and opened accounts just fine, but her mail just doesn't come.

I checked the message trace on my mail provider (Office365), and no mails were received on this account from domain.


what can be done? the user doesn't get her much needed (and paid for) zoom service.


UPDATE: Zoom support confirmed the user was blacklisted. they removed it and it works fine now.

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Hi @Geoedge 


Is this user on the same email domain as other, working, users?


Can you copy/paste the users email address out of Zoom and into your internal mail client and send an mail successfully? I've administered systems for two decades and I still find mismatches this way 1 in 100 times.


Has this users email ever existed in Zoom before?


If this is a new user to your organization altogether, are they receiving any external email?


What happens is they try a self sign-up in Zoom?


Do the Zoom invitations from your organization for-sure come from - could this have been branded to something else?


If worst comes to the worst, you can ask Zoom Support to check the no-reply bounce list. I believe they have a way to check this.




Thank you for answering.

Yes it is an active user, she get and send emails constantly.

To eliminate typo, I usually copy paste the address from the mail management site. in this case, I created 3 more alias names just to be sure, none worked.

The user cannot sign in to zoom by herself and get my license. She must answer the confirmation mail 

and yes, the zoom confirmation comes from

I am considering asking zoom support, though they don't make it easy.

Hi @Geoedge 


I always get very prompt answers from Zoom Support. How are you trying? You can raise a ticket here:


Having the user self sign-up may not get her a license, but it might be a good test on whether she can receive emails from Zoom using a different workflow - even if it is on an un-licensed account initially (just as a test). 


Have you checked your spam filters or quarantine in Office 365, or do you have any third-party mail routing prior to Office 365? I cannot remember whether un-admitted emails still show up in a message trace (like you have tried). Not sure why this user's profile would be acting differently to anyone else's, though, but maybe it's worth a shot.

Spam filters are OK. Message trace is showing spam mails too, AND the rule that got it, as I said, no mail showed in the trace.

No other mail filtering/routing.

I opened a ticket at Zoom's support, hoping they would find the error.

UPDATE: Zoom support confirmed the user was blacklisted. they removed it and it works fine now.