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one touch dialing no longer works - why doesn't Zoom update their hyperlinks?


as of IOS 15.4, the TEL and CALLTO hyperlinks no longer work, these are now broken. What was quite simple is now a matter of several clicks. 


TEL: 1-213-555-1212

One touch dial:1-213-555-1212


Specifically, when iPhone users of Zoom's meeting technology now click on the auto generated links that occur from the receipt of meeting invites, the link will no longer click thru, and instead does nothing. No visual change will be seen on screen, whereas, only a few weeks ago, the meeting would have gone through, passing the meeting ID, and password info through, using standard comma delimiters.

In testing the change to validate what has happened, if the user prepends "One touch dial:" or "TEL:" (phone number here) the call proceeds normally. Unfortunately Zoom appears to have stopped this hyperlink style offering in its meeting technologies, and there doesn't seem to be much public bound info coming from them. 


Why hasn't Zoom simply updated their code base to reconfirm the URL's hyperlinking capability? Our company has dozens of user's now saddled with this issue! 


Does anybody have any info from Zoom about them acknowledging, and offering an ETA on resolution of this issue?



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