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error "unable to establish secure connection to zoom" error code: -205DigiCert


My zoom gives periodic error notifications several times (see screenshot), even though I'm not attending a zoom meeting. Any idea how to fix it


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @abdbassip , thank you for your contribution! 

I know it has been a while since you initially posted and I wanted to make sure you receive assistance in the case that you are still encountering this issue. Please try the following:

1. Uninstall Zoom application.
2. Reboot device.
3. Reinstall Zoom application >

4. Run the downloaded installer file and follow the instructions to install


Let me know if that helps! 


Zoom Community Team

I have the same issue, when the computer is not connected to the internet, connected through a poor internet connection, or connected via an unsecured AP (sometimes) and with some secure gateways.  This occurs when not using zoom but there are background zoom processes.  After running the ap, it leaves these processes running even after you exit the ap.  They can be killed using Task Manager.


The problem is the warning popup will recur every few seconds.  It persists until either a reliable internet connection is established, or the zoom processes are killed using TM.   This is clearly a bug in the zoom ap.


In the real world, there are times we are not "cloud connected" including when on airplanes, and may be have flakey connections such as in hotels, airports, and other public spaces.


Regarding the boilerplate advice given, if Zoom were to fix the bug, then uninstalling/reinstalling the ap would help (i.e. getting the updated ap).  We can hope.  However I just updated and the bug has not been fixed (9-Sept-2022).  The workaround (other than uninstalling zoom and switching to a different meeting service) is to kill all the zoom processes running in background when you are not connected to the internet or have a poor connection.  


To replicate the problem, you run the zoom app,  attend or host a meeting, using a good internet connection; then connect through an overloaded or otherwise flakey network and wait a while.  Sometimes just disconnecting (e.g. disable Wi-Fi) will do it. If you have a solid internet connection you will never see it.  If you have an intermittent connection, it will occur until you kill those background processes. 




"Unable to establish secure connection to Zoom" message won't go away. I click "OK" to acknowledge the information. Box goes away and comes back in seconds. Repeats. Interferes with trying to troubleshoot the internet connection. Box should not interfere with troubleshooting the internet issue.  Zoom needs to fix this so the box is not always in the way.  

Hi Carla,

I'm having this issue and looks like many users are also experiencing it as well from the other new threads. What is the fix? Is zoom aware of this bug?

Hi @amokanan , have you tried completely uninstalling Zoom from your device and reinstalling? 

Here's how: Uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom application


Let me know if it helps! 

Zoom Community Team

I am getting the message even after reinstalling zoom

i am not able to attend my zoom classes

I am also facing this issue, have tried reinstalling and the error still does not go away. 

I am experiencing the same problem.  If I uninstall and reinstall Zoom will I lose recorded videos?



this issue cannot fix from my macOS. it always show this notice error every second after reinstalled.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Naynika @cchanjj @Ava4 @prinyarat , this is a known error currently affecting some Mac users. To fix, please do a complete uninstall of the Zoom app through the following steps (to get rid of the bad app cache):

  1. Open the Zoom desktop application.
  2. Select at the top of your screen and select Uninstall Zoom.


  3. Select OK to confirm uninstalling the Zoom desktop application and all of its components.


  4. Restart your Mac
  5. Reinstall Zoom via


I know some of you have already tried this, but please give it another go! 

Keep me updated,

Zoom Community Team

It would help if you can explain why you think this will work.  E.g. has Zoom updated the app with the bug fix?  Also note, several people commented that part of the problem is that the warning message popup message frequency is almost continuous, and it steals focus each time it pops up and stays on top. This makes it very disruptive.  The fix should include at least the following:

1. have a "dismiss" button that will stop the pop-up form recurring

2. Stop all zoom background processes when the "dismiss" button is hit



Still no luck after 2 uninstalls and re-installs. Getting tired of this bug.