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creating a poll in a meeting that I've scheduled but that doesn't appear on the web dashboard




I scheduled a meeting using the Zoom app (Mac version) and now I'd like to add a poll, but the meeting doesn't show up on the online dashboard. 


I can't re-schedule the meeting, the details have already gone out to participants. Part of the problem, of course, may be that Zoom doesn't have a plug-in to Apple Calendar.


Any thoughts about how I could add polls to this meeting, or make the online dashboard register my scheduled meeting?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Grant13 , you may view the scheduled meeting on the Zoom client on your Mac and hit edit from there. You will also see from the settings that you can select different type of calendars you can integrate with Zoom client.





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Hi, yeah, thanks for the response. But the problem isn't that I can't make meetings appear on my Mac Calendar. It's that the meetings scheduled there do not show up under in the 'Personal / Meetings' tab of the Zoom website. Since no meetings appear on the online website, I can't seem to make a poll, which is what I really want to do.


Any ideas?