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Zoom has been crashing, kicking my device offline, and I fix it by unplugging and replugging my ethernet cable.   I've ruled out bad ethernet ports.  My internet provider did not see any issues with my internet when I called them immediately, no broadband issues or slowness and no reports on their end of any outages or lags.  Each time, Zoom asked if I would approve it to send an auto filled "unknown error" to itself to log the issue.  In the middle of the conference I even ran my ethernet cable out the window and connected to my neighbor who has high speed internet from a different provider and had the exact same issue, so that seems to rule out the internet as the problem.  


I would be on the Zoom webinar or the Zoom meeting up to 30 minutes before this would happen, it seemed to happen from 2 triggers: 1) just a couple minutes before I was going to bring in the audience in a webinar (maybe it was triggered by a large number of people joining the waiting room 1-2 minutes before start time?) and 2) in Zoom meetings when I would screen share a video to a large audience it would freeze and crash and described above (the video was downloaded not on the web and I had just tested it several times in a practice room with 1 person prior to sharing to the large audience).  It's just very odd that the "fix" was unplugging and replugging my ethernet cable.


Has anyone experienced this and can help me identify if it's a Zoom problem or what the issue is?



All the time. Whether it is a meeting or webinar.  It crashes when I do screen share.  Now it crashes about three times before I can start a meeting.  Is there a fix? Help